Global Aviation - Background

Global Aviation is a Saudi Arabian Company owned by Dr. Abdulaziz.O.Sager. It was formed in 1998 To do business as an aviation consulting and marketing representation company, specializing In outsourcing non-business for both airlines and airport.

The company provided Saudi Arabian Airlines with the large number of pilots of one of its new air craft and also provided with the FAA required training for those pilots

It has ongoing projects with the General Authority of Civil Aviation (GACA) for the audits of the international Airports in the kingdom as well as an audit of the Kingdom's ATC system.

We have analyzed the financial of servel private companies, evaluated their fair market value and arranged for the sale of them to both domestic and international clients.

We are currently engaged in negotiation with Saudi Arabian Airlines for servel projects we Also have ongoing discussions with the GACA concerning the constructions of cargo facility for Foreign carriers at the north terminal at KAIA in Jeddah.

Among the companies we represent in Saudi Arabia are: Volvo Aero Engines,Lufathansa Consult,Sonda (Simulators),Airport Research Center. Piaggio (Ex-and Ambulance Airplanes),Patria Ostermans (Swedish. Bell-Helicopters).

At the dawn of the new millennium, the civil aviation sector is poised to take off to new horizons. It is both an exciting time and a challenging one for the industry, whose future development, as the preamble to the Convention on International Civil Aviation notes, helps bring about "friendship and understanding among nations and peoples of the world."

As we enter a new era of e-commerce, videoconferencing and the World Wide Web, there is a notion that business and leisure travel will be a thing of the past. This has not and will not happen. Civil aviation will continue to be instrumental in global economic development and social progress, just as it has in the past.

The need to communicate brought about the first major source of business for the airlines as they transported tons of mail around the globe. Then the emphasis shifted from airmail services to the carriage of passengers and freight.

As the aviation industry continues to grow, we see dependencies, mergers, partnerships, privatizations and alliances occurring throughout the world. We also see the industry becoming more and more complex. No longer can a single person do all that is required to get a flight into the air. Literally hundreds of specialists are involved in every commercial airline flight. Without these people, aviation, as we know it today, could not exist. This trend toward specialization has advanced so far that finding a company or an individual with the products and skills required can become a daunting task. It has also contributed greatly toward the desire within the industry to outsource non-core business.

It was for this reason that Global Aviation was founded. We provide what you need to continue your company's growth and prosperity by assisting you with this outsourcing, freeing you to concentrate on your core business. We assist you in forming relationships with other companies where each concentrates on its own area of expertise, allowing you to prosper as the industry continues to grow.

Global Aviation provides the professional advice and information demanded by our clients. The advisors and solution providers associated with Global Aviation come from all disciplines within the aviation community, assuring our customers receive first class service from people who have a lifetime of knowledge and experience.

We are a service oriented company, providing consultant services across the entire range of requirements of both airlines and airports in the Middle East. We concentrate on offering only the services of affiliates who have proven themselves in the worldwide aviation market. Our operating philosophy is to offer exclusively the products and services of leading companies in the industry and to provide superior quality, confidential, unobtrusive representation to our clients.